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“Being Volunteer” is a social initiative supported by working professionals from diverse industries to bring unique value to the social services sector. Through its portal, it brings volunteers, NGOs & corporates on a common technology platform, enabling them to collaborate for various social causes.

Being Volunteer also carries out its community services for betterment of the environment and the society through its Sprint & Marathon activities.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute your valuable time, skills & ideas by Volunteering for an activity around your community or by supporting the volunteering activities through donations.

To set foot in the world of Volunteerism and build a network, we appeal to you to register as a Volunteer, NGO or CSR representative, on our portal or through our representatives.

What is the need ?

Millions of NGOs are working in the social sector across diverse areas like education, environment, health & hygiene, empowerment of women/children/differently abled/elderly/migrants/other minority groups, skill development, entrepreneurship, livelihood development, urban & rural development and much more. Many such NGOs are doing incredible work in their area but are somewhere facing resource crunch. Lack of human resources is one of the biggest blocks in their work.

Engaging volunteers is only one aspect of the solution. Turning these volunteers into valuable resources for NGOs working in different areas, is the need of the hour. Being Volunteer focuses on nurturing such volunteers, building their capacity and helping them make time donation a part of their lives.

What do we do?

  • Connect with NGOs and help them provide focused and skilled volunteers from various walks of life.
  • Engage volunteers in various grass root projects in different areas of social work.
  • Design and implement CSR and Corporate Volunteering programmes of Corporates as per the needs and skill sets of their employees.
  • Focus on Volunteer orientation and training for our sprint and marathon activities.
  • Promote our flagship project - Volunteer Engagement and Development (VED), which is the basis of our inception.
  • Promote Individual Social Responsibility by providing volunteering opportunities to citizens wishing to participate in the development of the nation.

Scope of Work

Being Volunteer’s scope of work spans across volunteering based projects in the areas of education, environment, sanitation, rural development, etc. to name a few, with required prior training to the volunteers.

Working model

Being Volunteer connects with NGOs who need Volunteers. According to their requirement, a programme is worked out and a training module for volunteers is designed. Once the volunteers are trained, they are associated with the NGO to carry out the required volunteering work. These volunteering tasks can be short-term or long-term. New volunteers are engaged in short-term activities while experienced and trained volunteers are engaged in long-term activities.
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