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Awareness drives are designed to educate the public about a cause or an issue. Being Volunteer conducts different kinds of awareness drives aimed at educating people about the problems prevalent in society and how to overcome them.

Being Volunteer’s awareness drive includes :

  1. Traffic awareness drive
  2. Plastic carry bag ban awareness drive
  3. Waste disposal awareness workshops
  4. Trees Act 1975 
  5. Red Dot Campaign

Sprint Activities

Short duration (2-6 hours) volunteering opportunities for on-field social work, planned mostly on weekends.

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Awareness drives conducted by Being Volunteer

Traffic awareness drive

Traffic is a major issue in almost every city and Pune is no exception. Through us, volunteers from Cognizant made hundreds of “Thank You” cards for police and public who were following traffic rules. They also displayed awareness posters at one of the busiest junctions – Shimla office chowk. A total of 15 volunteers participated and contributed 90 hours towards this drive

Plastic carry bag ban awareness drive

Awareness drives were conducted over three consecutive weekends to stop using plastic carry bags with thickness of less than 40 microns. It was observed that many people started using reusable cloth bags in the area.

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    • 24 Jan 2026

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