Greenathon is an initiative with support of L&T Infotech, is a program of planting and nurturing trees for carbon neutralization. The program has started its move in October 2018 with aim of increase in green cover of the planet. Our aim is to plant 5000 trees and nurture them until they become self-sustainable. Idea is to cover the planet with trees by engaging volunteers.

The initiative is being implemented at Mhalunge and ram tekdi, Pune and so far a total of 7000 trees have been planted by volunteers. Greenathon event is also organized under this program in which we clocked in a total of 2700 volunteering hours, under the able guidance of and each volunteer led an enthusiastic group of 30 volunteers towards the successful completion of the initiative. In total the plantation drive witnessed a participation of 800 volunteers who walked a distance of 2 km to the designated area and planted 1000 saplings belonging to nearly 20 different plant species. The team kick-started the tree plantation drive by pledging with deep sincerity to always plant more trees and also nurture them followed by dedicatedly planting the saplings in pits that were dug prior to the plantation drive.

How it works: It starts with a survey of all the places within or around Pune. As per the survey native species are listed out for plantation. In summer season, we prepare the whole land for plantation by increasing its fertility. In monsoon, we start tree plantation by conducting volunteering activities. Post monsoon, planted trees are nurtured through volunteering activities.

Journey Details: 1.Planted 7000 trees at Mhalunge Forest Land and Ram tekdi, Pune. 2.So far, we have nurtured 10000 plus trees at 2 location. 3.Engaged 900 volunteers of LTI. 2200 volunteering hours contributed by these volunteers. 4.Installed water drip system at both the locations. 5.Planted Sagargota for natural fencing. 6.Each tree has been taken proper care of and nurtured properly. 7.All the planted trees will be tagged to monitor the growth of individual tree. We would like to thank LTI ( for supporting Greenathon- Tree Plantation project of Being Volunteer.