Green Dot

Green Dot is an initiative started to increase the forest cover in proportion to the population of a geographical region.

On average, a person breathes in oxygen produced by 7-8 fully grown tree yearly. 28 trees (aged 40 years) per lifetime is needed to have a sustainable life. We have only 1.28 trees per person in Pune according to Climate Reality Project India. Many organisations are engaged in planting trees which is 5% of the task. These trees do not survive unless they are nurtured and brought to a state where they can self-grow. Hence, comes the crucial part of tree nurturing after planting them. Green Dot Initiative was started Jan 2016 in Chaturshringi Hill, SB Road, Pune and has now been expanded to 4 more forest locations. 956 volunteers from Jan 2016 till today worked on planting 12,000+ and nurturing 20,000+ plants and the nurturing is still ongoing , increasing the forest cover tremendously. Total number of volunteering hours covered were 1792 hours.